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A website footer is the portion of a website that displays at the bottom of each page. It’s often used to display contact information, copyright information and other details about the website.

A website footer can be used to display important information such as:
Contact information — This includes your company’s address, phone number, e-mail address, fax number and any other relevant contact information.

Copyright and disclaimer — This section may also be used to provide legal disclaimers or copyright notices.

Privacy policy — If your site collects information from visitors, you’ll want to include a privacy policy in your footer. The privacy policy should contain information about what kind of information you collect from users and how it will be used.

Terms of use — These are rules that visitors must agree to before using your site. If you have a forum or community on your site, these terms can also be included in this section so people know what behavior is expected of them when participating in discussions or commenting on content.

Why Does a Website Need a Footer?

The main purpose of a footer is to provide information about a website to visitors. This can be anything from contact details and links to social media accounts, to copyright information or even legal disclaimers.

The content in your footer should be relevant and up-to-date so that people who visit your site can easily access this information if they need it.

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