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VeraSafe provides professional consulting services in the fields of privacy, security, and risk management. They are a leading provider of privacy and security solutions for a wide range of organizations around the world.

VeraSafe was founded by two experts who were also practicing attorneys: Neil Schwartz and Robert Gellman. Their goal was to provide practical information to help organizations understand their risks, so they could make better decisions about protecting themselves from liability if they shared information with others.

VeraSafe’s Privacy-by-Design process helps organizations create privacy programs that are compliant with laws in the United States and Europe, including HIPAA and GDPR. Their team includes former regulators, policymakers and experts on international law who can advise your organization on how best to manage your data privacy risks.

They also offer training programs that help companies implement best practices for protecting their customers’ personal information — especially when it comes to managing data breaches or data leaks.

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