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User behavior is a term that has become popular in the world of marketing. It refers to the way in which a person uses a service or product, and whether they are likely to be a repeat user.

The User Behaviour definition is used by companies to learn how customers interact with their products and services. This helps them to improve customer experience, and increase sales by improving customer satisfaction through better customer service, product or service development, pricing structures etc.

Understanding user behavior can help companies to identify new markets for their products or services in areas where there is high demand but little supply. This can be achieved through market research or through direct contact with potential customers via social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

User behavior can be analyzed at any level from individual consumers all the way up to entire industries such as e-commerce sites or online gaming platforms.

User behavior can be broken down into two categories:
System usage: The actions taken by a user to use your product or service. This includes what features they use, how often they use them and how long they spend using them.
System outcomes: The results of their actions, such as the value that they receive from using the system or the satisfaction level with which they interact with it.

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