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The US/EU Data Transfer is a third-party data transfer mechanism between the US and EU. It provides a framework for managing personal data transfers from the EU to the US, which is essential for ensuring compliance with GDPR.

The US/EU Data Transfer is an alternative to the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework and addresses some of its flaws. The US-EU Privacy Shield Framework was replaced by the EU-US Privacy Shield 2.0 on July 12, 2019.

What Is the Difference Between the EU-US Privacy Shield and the US-EU Data Transfer?

The EU-US Privacy Shield Framework was established in 2016 as an alternative to Safe Harbor, a previous framework that was struck down by Europe’s highest court in 2015 due to concerns over mass surveillance programs being operated by American intelligence agencies.

The new framework included several improvements over Safe Harbor, including increased transparency requirements for member companies, stronger enforcement powers for European regulators, and a redress system that allows individuals to seek compensation if they believe their data has been misused.

However, there were still concerns about how well these improvements would work in practice once GDPR came into effect and whether they would be sufficient to protect European citizens’ privacy rights under EU law.

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