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Terms of Service (ToS) are a contract between a service provider and its users. Terms of Service can be included with the terms and conditions of use, or they may be separate agreements.

Terms of service regulate how a customer is allowed to use a service, for example, by prohibiting certain actions such as sending spam email. They also often include provisions that address privacy concerns and what happens if the user’s account is terminated.

The content of Terms of Service varies greatly from site to site, but they usually include at least some of the following:

Definitions: A clear description of what constitutes acceptable behavior on the website or app, which will be used to determine whether someone has violated the terms of service.

Applicability: Information about who must follow the terms and conditions. For example, it may state that only subscribers or members must follow them; it may also explain exceptions for minors under 18 years old who have not yet reached legal adulthood in their jurisdiction (the age varies based on location).

Acceptance: The act of agreeing to abide by the terms by clicking an “I Accept” button or checkbox when signing up for an account or downloading software from a website; sometimes, this acceptance must be renewed periodically by logging back into your account.

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