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A right of access is the ability to enter onto another person’s property. This right is generally granted by law but may also be granted by contract.

The right of access is an important element in the development of democracy. It allows citizens to monitor the actions of government officials and provides them with useful information to make informed decisions on issues that affect their communities.

The term can also refer to a specific legal issue surrounding the right of access, such as:
Property Rights: A property right is any legal right that affects ownership or possession of property. This includes ownership rights, possession rights, and usage rights. Property rights are mainly enforced by national laws but may be backed up by international treaties as well.

Access Rights: An access right is a legal right that affects your ability to access land or buildings for recreation or education purposes. For example, you might have an access right if your child needs to cross someone else’s land in order to get to school on time. In this case, you would have access right because there was no other way for your child to get from home to school without crossing over private property.

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