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Litigation is the use of legal processes and rules to resolve disputes. In most cases, litigation involves a dispute over money, property or personal injury. A lawsuit is an action filed in a court of law by an injured party against another party that allegedly caused harm to the former.

The main types of litigation are civil and criminal. Civil lawsuits deal with disputes between individuals or organizations that seek compensation or damages for injury or harm done to someone or something. Criminal law involves prosecution of serious offenses like theft, assault, rape, murder, and others by government on behalf of the victims who suffered from those crimes.

The following are some examples of civil lawsuits:
Personal Injury – Personal injury lawsuits are brought by people who have been hurt due to the negligence of others such as drunk drivers, defective products, and medical malpractice.

Contract Disputes – Contract disputes arise when one party fails to live up to its contractual obligations which may be enforced through litigation if necessary. These include breach of contract claims and breach of warranty claims where one party failed to fulfill its obligation under a contract while the other party has suffered damages as a result thereof. The lawsuit can only be filed after all efforts for resolving the dispute through negotiation have failed.

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