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First-party cookies are the most common type of cookie and are used by the website owner to store information for the purpose of improving user experience.

The first-party cookie is placed on your computer by the site you are visiting, so it’s a form of tracking that can be used to monitor your activity on a website. The cookie contains data about you and your visit, such as what pages on the site you have visited, how long you have spent on each page, which browser and operating system you are using and what country you’re in.

This information is collected by the website owner in order to make improvements to their site based on your preferences, such as design changes or new services they think might be useful to visitors like yourself.

Cookies can also be used by advertisers who want to target ads based on previous visits to different websites that share advertising networks with them. For example, if you visit one website that uses Google Ads as its ad network then all websites using Ads will also see details about what pages you’ve viewed with them before – even if those sites aren’t part of their network!

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