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Data request is a data exchange between two or more parties. It can be initiated by either of the parties and can be for a variety of reasons.

Data requests are an important part of the data management process. Data requests are often initiated by users, who have access to a variety of data sources and need to connect this with other data sources. They can also be initiated by technology providers, who provide tools for users to manage their data and connect it with other systems.

Data requests may be made by end users who want access to data from a specific source. For example, if someone wants to use your company’s sales data in their analysis, they would make a request for your sales data and then include some logic into their analysis that allows them to connect with your company’s sales system.

Data requests are usually made using standardized protocols, such as FTP or HTTP. This makes it easier for organizations to integrate with each other without having to develop custom integration solutions.

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